Spacerack. The Ultimate Workspace Desk

Custom configuration, multi-color top and wobble-free, this desk makes serious work a chill.

Spacerack 1

Designed for deep work enthusiasts with carefully thought-out details.

Do you desire the perfect workspace, do you wonder what it looks like? What it should have? What you should place in it? What mood should it give?

The best workspace should have an outstanding but well-integrated desk. If you do creative work, the Spacerack series will take your work to the next level. Game Designers, UI/UX Experts, Software Engineers, Architects, and Illustrators know the importance of being inspired, and these desks are designed for just that.

The Spacerack 1 desks are available in a variety of colors and with a variety of desktop options. This is a true classic. We leave the possibilities open and leave the final combinations to the desk owner. If you're color-blind or color-obsessed, you'll love how well this desk fits in.

How to

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Customize Spacerack

Build your desk. Choose your personal desktop color or size, open space, pull-out drawer or tray options available.
Start Here.

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Reserve Purchase

Choose a day to have your Spacerack desk delivered. Pay in installments and save on shipping .

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Buy Immediately

Spaceracks are also available for instant purchase from our partner stores and online outlets. Find the right outlet online.

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Get Your Workspace

Spaceracks must be assembled once you receive them. We've included videos for fun, easy assembly on our blog.


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